Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A random assortment

The weather is cooling down a little, but it's still not cool. (High 90s for the week.) The mornings and evenings are lovely, but the days are still pretty brutal, especially after the comparatively lovely weather in Montana. I spent all this past weekend in the house, knitting and spinning and letting the house go all feral on me. As a result of the heat and the mess, I am exhausted. (Have you ever noticed that when your house is messy, you feel more tired and restless?)
I knit on my eyelet sweater (from the Classic Elite City Park collection) all day Sunday. I ripped what I'd started and restarted in a different size - my gauge was such that the extra stitches allowed me to knit their largest size as written, though I am making a few modifications as I go along. Most notably, I'll need to increase the armscyes and the length of the sleeves. I still love this pattern and this yarn.


Note: that's not a goldfish crumb, it's the model from the book, showing through one of the eyelets...

I am the worstest most awful sockpal ever. Nancy sent me TWO beautiful pairs of socks just hours before we left for Montana - a cotton blend, cuffed lime green pair, and a pair of anklets in Regia Bamboo, in a colorway I actually have in my stash. I left them behind because we were already packed, and the cleaning lady put them "away". I haven't been able to figure out where "away" is yet, and I think I'm going to have to leave her a note when she comes back. I've looked everywhere I can think to look, and so far, no such luck. (I have this deep fear that I actually took them to Montana and they got lost during the suitcase search.) I could just kill myself - I want to wear them! They fit perfectly and are such great colors and snuggly yarn. Of course, the Lord of the Flies set that is my living room isn't helping matters. I suck bigtime. (That's why there have been no pictures. GAH!)

ETA: I found them! Apparently, the knitting goddess just wanted me to publicly admit that I'm the kind of bonehead who misplaces handknit socks before she ever wears them. I am a loser, and I admit it. Here they are!


Thanks again, Nancy! You can bet these will go straight to my hand-knit socks drawer.

I have always heard that spinning is easiest with good fiber prep. I thought I had good fiber, and had someone show me how to predraft, but I think I still wasn't doing it right. I hoarded my good fibers until I could spin something worthy of them, but I was using crappy stuff that made things harder. I got frustrated, and didn't want to spin at all. I dug out my Grafton batt the other day, and WOW. It's not perfect by a long stretch, but geez - that stuff practically drafts itself. I also moved my wheel to the carpet, which makes the skittering effect go away, and I spent a pleasant hour or so spinning my little heart out. It was great, when The Bug wasn't trying to grab the footman or make the wheel spin the other direction.


Who, me?