Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Global warming is a myth

My ass.


(Click for big, to see the big high ridiculous numbers.)

We're averaging about 15 degrees higher than normal for this time of year. UGH.

I worked all weekend on the baby sweater for my friend. I forgot that 10 rows/in makes for slow making up too. Last night I worked all night and got the sleeves sewn in and one side seam sewn up. Tonight is the other seam, and hopefully the button band. Am I deluding myself that I will be able to do this effectively at SnB? Only time will tell. The sewing up is not perfect, but since it's my very first attempt at mattress stitch (thank you Knitty for the beautifully clear instructions) I'm cutting myself a little slack. After all, the kid will outgrow it in less time than it took me to make the darn thing. It IS awfully cute. (Sorry, no pictures until it's finished.)

The life changes are still looming. I am still trying desperately not to drown in the what ifs. I'll think about that tomorrow. (Actually, Thursday. Thursday is when we should have some answers.)