Friday, November 30, 2007

I love Christmas

Christmas seriously rocks. I love it all. (Okay, I don't love the jewelry commercials that start in October, and I wonder who all those Lincoln commercials are aimed at, but that's what TiVo is for.*) I don't really celebrate the original "reason for the season", I just like the beauty and the spectacle. I even like all the tacky blow up yard ornaments. The tackier the better! Bring 'em on! (I chuckle to think about the scientists up on the Mt Graham telescope sighing and saying to themselves, "Winterhaven is lit up again - no more work for us till the new year.")
It's even better this year because the Bug points to the tree in his daycare and says, "Chris-shit". HA!
This was my mother's favorite season. She had decorations for every room in the house (bathroom candle? check. mailbox tinsel? check.) and had those cute little touches everywhere that I aspire to. I have inherited the tinsel gene from her it seems. More lights please! More sparkly things! More dangling ornaments that smack you when you walk through the archway! More more more! I don't need more things in my life, and so my wants list is very very small this year, but there is ALWAYS room for a little more sparkly lights, and a little more eggnog, and a little more Christmas music.**
However, since it is still November and I am holding my Christmas urges until this weekend at the very earliest, I give you...

The Boring Overcast Sky


We got some rain yesterday, and we expect more today. It's lovely and damp out, perfect for hot chocolate (see yesterday's post) by the fire. We didn't get much more than drizzles, but boy, did we need it. YAY RAIN.


Sleeping Bug with Jammies


He learned to take his own pants off last night and after that, we couldn't keep his jammies on for anything. Thank goodness he hasn't figured out the diaper yet, or it would be all Lord of the Flies in my living room.

* I actually saw a jewelry commercial that I loved yesterday. The Helzberg Diamonds commercial. If I can get a copy on YouTube I'll share.
** I do not go to the mall. Not during the rest of the year, and especially not during Christmas. (Except the one bit I will brave to take the Bug to see Santa and get pictures.) If it only exists at the mall or the Wally World (or the Circuit City or Best Buy) my family does not need it. I limit my exposure to the annoying bits.