Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lies. All lies.

The schedule is full of hooey. I did not work on the eyelet cardigan last night, nor did I work on any lace at all on Monday. I love how I make myself a reasonable schedule and then completely ignore it, don't you? I DID work on a votive sleeve last night at SnB and enjoyed myself immensely. Tonight, I might (might) cast on the lacy bit of the second half of Juno. Don't hold your breath, though - I play fast and loose with the rules. Look at me, I'm a wild woman - I knit things out of order.
Yesterday I wrote a whole long post that was all crap. I deleted it before bloglines and google picked up the feed. I'll give you the rundown:
Whine whine whine whine
Piss Piss
Kvetch. (There was more kvetching, but that's too hard to type many times in a row.)

In lieu of having any actual content, I will leave you with a link. I take no responsibility for the caloric damage this will do, but I will tell you that this concoction can stop even the most deadly of Bug tantrums and produces a sense of wellbeing that is not reproduceable with any other legal substance.

Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Do not be put off by the egg, it makes it creamy and thick and borders on obscenely decadent. (But really really really really, follow the directions about the order in which you add things - I learned the hard way it's done that way on purpose.)