Thursday, November 08, 2007


Yahoo! Yeehaw! Hoo-fucking-ray!
Happiness abounds at Casa de Pacalaga. Major, serious, soul-soothing, earth-shattering happiness. The uncertainties of the future, especially with respect to the DH's job, have resolved in a way we never could have guessed. I mentioned before that he applied for this coveted job and got an interview. Weeks passed and we heard nothing. The recruiter called back and asked if we'd take the job and move to Houston. We said no, and the DH continued his search, figuring things were done with that company. A few weeks ago, the recruiter called back and said, "How about Houston for a year, then Denver, and $X?" It was a very significant offer, and we couldn't refuse. We made plans. We thought about selling the house, renting in Houston, me staying here, me quitting and going there, me taking my job and going there... Blah blah blah. Every possible permutation had been examined. We finally settled on a plan, pending The Meeting With The Bigwigs: he'd leave at the first of December, take the camper and find an RV spot. The Bug and I would follow at the beginning of February after packing the entire house and sending our stuff to the lake property in a storage unit, and we three and our three giant furbeasts would live in the camper until we could get moved to Denver and sell our house and all that heinous stuff. Whether I could take my job was still in question. (Yes, we know that is insane, but if I couldn't have taken my job it would have been the most affordable plan.)
Well, TODAY was The Meeting With The Bigwigs. They offered him the job, said they DIDN'T want him to move to Houston (unless he really wanted to, of course) and they'd be perfectly happy if he'd stay HERE and work in their LOCAL office. YIPPEE!!! YAHOO!!! YEEHAW!!! The kicker is that they want him in AN office. Once he's all trained up, we can basically pick wherever they have a location in the states and he can work there. Denver is still going to happen, and we don't have to live in the hot, fetid, buggy swamp that is the fine city of Houston. YIPPEE!! YAHOO!! YEEHAW!!
So anyway, I'm a little excited. Okay, a lot excited. Okay, more than that. Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes for us and for putting up with my whining and not-talking-about-it-while-talking-about-it. You can see why I didn't want to spill the beans much until I knew what was going on - I didn't want EVERYONE to tell me that I'd go stir crazy and freak me out about something that I already knew would be difficult, in the hot, fetid, buggy swamp that is the fine city of Houston.