Monday, February 04, 2008

B is for Bleargh.

Don't you think that should be a town name in Ireland somewhere?
No, alas, it is just bleargh. We skipped the Disneyland trip in favor of recovering from double-pneumonia (DH), processing a lovely head cold (me) and being a giant poop (the Bug). There was as little movement as possible, though it IS hard to rest when one's son thinks one is a jungle gym (or worse, in DH's case, that his lap is a trampoline. I guess Bug will be an only child now.)
The rest of the weekend was spent alternately keeping the child out of the bag of rice - nothing says fun times like broadcasting rice throughout the house - and knitting. I finished the pieces of the eyelet cardigan and sortof blocked them, and I started on the first of the Year of the Hat hats. It is actually coming out quite nicely in the yarn I posted last week. I just have the decreases left to do and all will be well until I have to think about pattern and yarn for February's hat. I think I will start seaming my cardigan tonight - it got darn chilly out there, and rainy to boot, and my ONE cardigan (store bought! oh the shame) is falling apart. Too bad I don't have one more day of weekend - I could probably have it mostly done if I did.
Sadly, no pictures since I spent my days lying about, drinking tea and Airborne and using copious tissues, and listening to the DH cough. It's true, B is also for Bad Bad Blogger. Mebbe tomorrow there will be enough light for some pictures.

PS - I also signed up for Sock Madness 2! Jo, are you ready?