Friday, February 08, 2008

C is for.... converting Ceige!

Yes, it's true, I think we have a fledgling knitter on our hands.


She texted me to say that already her knitting made her happy and it calmed her down after her homework was frustrating her. There was a threat from her SO to put her on a yarn budget. When the baby ripped out her needle and broke the yarn, she just picked up the stitches again and started with the working yarn. I think she's finding her way into the fold. HOORAY!

My own knitting was less successful yesterday. While trying to sew in my cardigan sleeves, I realized I have to reknit the sleeve caps AGAIN. This meant learning how to "calculate" sleeve caps and write up some notes and do some math. I think if I can do these caps successfully I will be able to design my own sleeve caps in the future, which will make me happy. (I can do the math to adjust other patterns to my size, but the sleeve caps always throw me.) I even found a little free program that allows me to create my own graph paper based on my row and stitch gauge. How excellent is that? (If you are interested, it's here. Scroll to the bottom to download the program. FWIW, I did it last night and have seen no ill effects or malware on my system, but I haven't checked it extensively. Caveat emptor, and all that.)