Monday, February 18, 2008

A whole week.

It just slipped on by. Nothing special happened, but it was all nice. I knitted, I sewed, I snuggled on the Bug, I enjoyed the sunshine, I enjoyed the rain when it got cold (yeah, a drop of 30 degrees overnight is cold no matter how you slice it).

It doesn't look that impressive in my little cell phone photos, but the clouds were covering most of the mountains and that snow level was down to 3000 feet. (I think my part of Tucson is 2000-2500, so it was close.) Thursday our high temp was at 3am, and our low was at noon. Heh.

Saturday we packed up and went to the lake. The little lot was green and soft and damp, a far cry from the usual hard pack that is my yard at home. The Bug had a grand time kicking weeds and running free and poking sticks in the mud, and I had a beer and some camnesia. There was knitting, a little stitching, and a lot of kicking back and watching the campfire. I wish I was still there now.