Tuesday, April 15, 2008

F is for...

Yeah, okay, this isn't a real F post. It turns out it won't even be a real "anything" post. I have the spring doldrums. I have been reading, knitting, running around outside, having a grand time, but I gots nada to show for it. I am officially out of sock madness, but I made it one round farther than last year, so at least I'm improving. Last year there were a few socks that weren't to my taste, but this year they are all fantastic so far. I am so happy I signed up again!
On that note, I am going to crawl back into my allergy-induced fog, spare you from the bitching about the heat, and maybe get some energy back. (If the soda and cookies I just had don't do it, I've run out of options.) This weekend I have a whole two days of nowhere-going and laundry-doing, and I can't wait. Seriously. Yes, I do know how pathetic that is, thanks. If only I did as much interesting stuff as VUBOQ. I would also like to be able to call people kittens and say "smooches" without people slapping me, but alas. I am just not that fabulous.