Sunday, September 28, 2008

Because I enjoy punishing myself

I switched my blog template for fall. Punishment double. To me, the defining feature of fall is the ability to sit outside on the deck and drink my morning latte without sweating a puddle under my chair or being eaten by mosquitos. During my two pregnancies, I have been unable to tolerate milk or the acid in the coffee. (I assume it's that, since I have plenty of caffeine in other things.) I'm going to miss out on the whole entire fall season of deck-sitting-coffee-drinking because I had to go and be all knocked up. I can have all the tea I want, but I'm sorry to all you tea drinkers, it's just not as good. This might actually be a forest for the trees moment, but I'm whiny so I feel all put out. So what did I do? Pick a coffee theme for fall. (Cuz blogger has crap for good Autumn templates, even from those sites that have actual GOOD templates (which is NOT the actual blogger.)
However, blogger also sucks in that all my sidebar items are ...
Okay, wait. JUST as I was typing the above sentence, I got an error message that Blogger couldn't autosave my draft. Is Blogger the beta of Skynet?
...back to the sidebar. All "gadgets". Not hardcoded into the template anywhere. This makes it all neato to add them in and fix them, but when replacing a template, one must save the code in each gadget to a Notepad file separately. "Download the entire template" only gives you the template. Not the gadgets. Those of you who are more code-savvy than I might realize this, but I didn't until after I uploaded and overwrote the template, and so. Sigh. I'm missing some sidebar content because I couldn't be bothered to care enough about the rings and buttons I'd had up there before.
And also, can anyone tell me why my nifty and offensive tagline of swears is off too far to the left?Thanks to the DH of Lynn in Tucson for telling me how to fix the subtitle. Now my offensive taglines can be clearly seen! Woo!
That being said, the weekend was not a total loss. There was... [gasp] KNITTING! Not just knitting, but PROGRESS. I finished my portion of the secret project, and made progress on the second Charade sock, and hold on to your knickers, FAINA.


It doesn't look like much, but it's twice what it was when I pulled it out of the hole it had been stashed in. A little "knitting maturity" goes a long way with this one, and I have had few of the chart-reading and YO-making problems that plagued me in the first attempt.
I organized my knitting basket and put only those projects that I'm actively working on in the basket, and removed all the rest of the yarn to the stash area. I might have worked on Gust too, if my needles hadn't been in Faina. I partially swatched for Linden. I even WASHED the swatch. Holy crap, do you hate me yet? (How about when I tell you I also cleaned much of the house, finished my laundry, made the Bug some playdough and baked both cookies and pumpkin bread? It's amazing how much you can get done when your kid wakes you up at 5am on weekends as well as weekdays. You totally hate me. It's okay, I'd hate me too, if I didn't have cookies.)