Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Having two kids is totally easy.

If you never go anywhere and one of them sleeps 22 hours a day.
It seems de rigueur to have some deep and profound brain things inside my head regarding the end of the year. However, a mild case of PPD and an utterly flattening case of stomach flu have rendered me incapable of even the general and vague thoughts I can usually come up with, so I will clean up a few loose ends.
First, I received a passel of lovely things from bloggy friends and I will now show them off.
Chronologically, we have


Two skeins of Claudia Handpaint from Blogless Lynn. Not pictured: the tray of chicken enchiladas, bucket-o-pork-roast, 6 pack of beer and limes, and head of cabbage we lived on for the first week after Noob arrived. (Sorry Lynn, since Noob had nursing problems we just went ahead and ate the cabbage, but it was still deeply appreciated.)

Next up,


The adorable onesie that Lene sent all the way from Canada, because apparently boy-scent is international. I can't freaking WAIT until Noob is big enough to wear it. (I also can't wait until he's old enough to train to blame Daddy for all yucky smells he encounters. Bug is well trained on that notion.)


1231081112 1231081112a

The fantastic Crazy Aunt Cookie set. It's a *tad* large and the hat may be loved more by me than by its intended recipient, but he'll get used to it. :-)


It's already been put into service, on the hayride to see the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. (I forgot MY coat, but the Noob was nice and toasty.)



The ubiquitous Stacey box. (There's actually a good chance, now that I think about it, that I did not even TELL Stacey I received it, which means I didn't thank her either. I blame the Noob and the hourly nursing between 1-7am. Must remedy.) The black sheep (a mark of my evilness, apparently), some delicious yarn in a color that will complement the eye-searing neon confection I will be wearing to her Texas wedding, should she ever bother with one, blackberry soap, a sparkly girlie notebook, and a bright green pen that is not shown because the Bug made off with it almost instantly.

Since I totally did not deserve any of this largesse and am a bit embarrassed seeing it all collected in one place (an aside - does anyone else feel like there's a really fine line between showing appreciation on the blog for gifts received and the "see the wonderful things I got and be ye jealous, peasants!" thing?) I will now distract you with pictures of (pre-barfing) cuteness. (Lest we feel like the Bug is being neglected, I asked him to let me take his picture and was soundly refused.)