Friday, December 05, 2008

Just what the blogger ordered.

Last night, DH went into the office to putter on the computer. Bug ran between the office and where I sat, on the couch. I considered several times putting a movie in, so I wouldn't be subjected to either DH's lousy taste in sitcoms or Bug's penchant for watching the same Thomas video 132750 times in a row. (I've tried the "I'm watching that" when the TV is off, but no one listens.) Last night, Bug picked up the Thomas he wanted to watch, and I sent him off to DH and told him to have Daddy play it on Mama's computer. Surprise of all surprises, DH not only understood what Bug was trying to say, he complied. I got to sit in my favorite comfy spot on the couch for AN HOUR AND A HALF and knit in the quiet.
People, you have no idea.
Later after I figured DH had suffered Thomas enough and would be wanting to watch his shows (and after I'd fixed the missed YO in the previous repeat and knit another one) I went off to do some dishes. Bug came in and demanded a big cabbage.


Seriously, whose kid IS this?

And to continue on my "wow, karma is being nice to me and I'm afraid" kick, I went to JoAnn. I didn't want to kill anyone. In fact, I ran into a friend. AND. AND. I found The Buttons. So similar to the ones from that blouse I had 20 years ago that my dad ruined in the wash (the reason I started doing my own laundry), the ones from that blouse that I just THREW AWAY before I knew that I should remove the buttons and save them, the ones I have been lamenting for TWENTY FREAKING YEARS.


Angels sing every time I look at them. (They're the ones on the right, the square bronzy sun ones. The other ones I love too, and are going in the stash because I love them, but I will sleep with The Buttons under my pillow and mention them as a line item in my will, should I ever be organized enough to make one.)

(I know that's a sucky picture of Buttons About Which Angels Sing, but I dropped my camera and it's having focus issues.)

Now to find the knitwear worthy of The Buttons. I'm starting to think (since even Cookie is in on the peer pressure now) that they'll have to be paired up with some Silky Wool. And The Bestest Pattern Ever, which I don't know about yet. Maybe I'll design something. (Hey, in high school I picked my Big-Ass Earrings and Hairclip (TM) first and THEN found something to wear with them. There is precedent here.)