Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Cookie doesn't worry

No, I have not had any babies yet, I just WORKED. Yes, it's true, and some people were worried that I wasn't stalking their blogs as much as usual and sent in the Marines.
I did have A Day, though. It was going to be busy enough - going to view a dinner table/buffet set we'd seen on Craig's List at lunch, the ultrasound appointment in mid afternoon, etc. Effectively hosed my whole afternoon. However, about 12 minutes before I was supposed to leave to go see the furniture, the daycare called ME and the insurance people called DH. Long story short, Bug has pink eye, and DH needs more info for the insurance people. (Apparently, when talking insurance, the receptionist is really the only person who knows WTF is going on, and don't even bother talking to the agent or anyone else in the office.) Anyway, I picked up the Bug, dragged him to the house to look at the furniture, bought the furniture (whee, storage), came home and worked for an hour, toddled off to my ultrasound, then came home while DH took the Bug to the ped. Since he does indeed have pink eye, tomorrow will be more of the same since he can't go back to daycare until he's been medicated for 24 hours.
As for the furniture, it's nice enough. Someplace to hold extra dishes and napkins, whee! It has a hutch on it that I find mostly hideous, but DH insisted on putting it up, hoping it would grow on me. I put my snowmen on it and might let it stay until after Christmas. Maybe I will have the fortitude to take pictures of its gingerbread horror tomorrow.
Hmmm, nothing else new. No pics, because the knitting I'm currently doing is Not For Public Release, and I didn't take a pic of the furniture, and I haven't had the time or the space to pin out Aunt Scarf #2 yet. Earlier this evening I came out of the office while DH was mopping the floor (finally) to see what Bug was doing, and found him running around naked, covered in marker. I would have taken a picture of that, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to make it come out family-friendly without losing the whole effect of the marker.
So, you get nuthin'. I'd be sorry, but I had A Day.