Monday, March 30, 2009

So, I had this plan

I am sick as the proverbial dog, and while I tossed and turned I planned my snarky blog post about how I was dying or maybe not and we'd know in a few days (and also regretting not giving DH more sympathy when HE was sick, but not like it'd matter cuz he has to go out of town again). It's 3am (roughly) and I got up because I was tired of tossing and turning and thought I'd work on my hat. (Oh, didn't I tell you I cast on for another hat? Yeah, monogamy, not so much.)
Anyway, I woke up to find this.
See the face? The sweet little face with the cheeks you want to pinch and the hair you want to tousle and maybe get him a gig on the Disney channel? Yeah. Knit a square or ten, please? Pretty sure I can crack one out with some astoundingly soft CTH by the time the sun comes up. (I think - I'm gonna hit publish and go try.) If you are inclined, think about sending in a square? 5" is all he needs. Well, and some prayers.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I've had enough

Like robins heading north, the bloggers are showing the surest signs of spring: talking about exercise. Spring into Summer, 100 miles, Walk like an Egyptian (yeah, okay, I made that one up) they're everywhere. So now it's my turn to talk about it:


This year, I'm giving up on healthy diet and exercise. I flap my bingo wings at fitness. I stick my tongue out at mindful eating. I accept my fat! I love my rolls! (Bread AND belly!) I eat what I want and sit on my flabby butt as long as I want to! I consider cheesecake a breakfast food and "vegetable" is a four-letter word!



Eh, more cheesecake for me then.

(PS - I support you all in your efforts toward health and fitness, and weight loss if that is your goal. Just don't ask me to. I plan to love my body the way it is for a while.)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

When times get rough...

...I do a little hooking on the side.
So, last time I said I was mostly monogamous. Less than 15 minutes after I hit Publish Post, I was getting out the yarn for not one, but TWO new projects. Sigh. (I hate to be pigeonholed.) For one, the yarn was the wrong size so I must swatch and math, and I have not done that yet. The other one, well...


My SIL saw a hat like this while we were in CA, and she so subtly suggested I make her one by saying, "You should make me a hat like that." I said, more or less, "No way." I couldn't get it out of my head, though, so I went to Ravelry and looked around for a pattern. You know, just in case, for later. Then I remembered I had some Classic Wool in the stash, so I got it out. You know, just in case, for later. Then I told y'all that I was a monogamous knitter, so my fickle little heart demanded that I start it immediately. Sigh.


The pattern was well-written, and I didn't change a thing, despite the fact that the brim took an act of faith. (It totally looks wrong while you're working it, but comes out okay in the end.)(ETA: if I were to make this again, and I might, I'd go up another hook size, but that's just cuz I'm a super-tight crocheter. Make of that what you will.)

The other thing I finished was my handspun. I estimate I got about 410-415 yds of 3-ply. It came out a bit thicker than I meant for, what with the blooming of the fiber, so I prolly could have done a 2-ply and been spot on. Still, it falls between STR lightweight and STR mediumweight (it's about 5.6oz), so I will still prolly use it for socks.


I'm pretty durn happy with it. Thanks, Blogless Lynn!

Oops, and for Cookie: sometimes you need purple cupcakes.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Turns out I'm not such a tramp after all.

I'm just a serial monogamist with ADD.
I can't knit on two projects in the same time period. I can't alternate in a day, or every other day, or whatever. I currently wish I could actively work on the PSC socks and Madli, but I can't. I can only knit on one thing, until forced by circumstance (too many people around to concentrate on lace, going out to stand in the unemployment line and lace is too big, finally quiet in the house so must work on lace, etc) to change to the other. I practice project monogamy. o.0 (I only just practice on a short scale. No way will I ever be the person who knits on one thing only until it's done. Those people are just weird.)
Anyway, I have knit a few more repeats on Madli. I'm up to 8 now, and still enjoying the pattern.

I CAN, however, be multi-craftasmic with abandon. In a stunning example of delayed gratification, restraint, and self control (given that it took me FOUR HOURS to remember the phrase "self control" - all I could think of was "self denial" - you can tell the concept isn't practiced much around here) I have finished one bobbin's worth of future sock yarn and have started the singles for the second bobbin's worth, rather than plying the first bobbin right away. This makes it harder for me to succumb to second-sockyarn-spinning-syndrome.


Of course, it's pretty easy to take some time to spin when my mornings look like this.


Yesterday during my morning spinning time, these two little guys kept me company:


(Look, the Evil Twin blankie in the wild! This photo is MUCH closer to actual color.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The voices in my head say Hi.

I really don't have much else, but Stacey wondered about my radio silence and thought maybe it was because my man was home, but we can't have her thinking that. (Actually, it is partly due to that - I haven't done this many dishes since, well, before he left. How the man can use every pot, pan, utensil, dish, and flatware cooking two meals for 3 1/2 people I will never know. He thinks he's a tidy cook.)
No, I did spend what felt like ages in the unemployment office, only to find out it was really the welfare office and the unemployment office was next door with no waiting. I would have been really pissed if I'd waited that whole time to have my number called (there were 20+ people ahead of me and they managed to help about 10 an hour, based on what I'd heard yesterday) only to find out I was in the wrong place. Then when I went to the unemployment office (with the letter that said, "You must appear in person and bring this letter with you") the guy said, "Oh, that just meant your job service log in didn't match, but you coulda fixed that online."
And also, there seems to be a serious shortage of operators in the unemployment call center. That call took 35:01 minutes (seriously, how did I survive without a phone that told me how long I was on hold?), of which 3 minutes were spent with an actual person.
When I'm in this kind of pissy mood, I should not watch movies with sweeping views of the mountains, old crabby ranchers, Morgan Freeman, and down-on-their-luck women and kids. Seriously, I could just about kill myself, if I weren't so lazy. (And also, I think it might hurt, and I don't do pain much.)
And since I'm about to bore the rest of you (the one or two of you who've managed this far without clicking away in disgust) to death, I will spare you further rantings and give you instead, fiber and babies and little boys who are way too little to be riding bikes and who told them they were allowed to grow up so damn fast?

(Click these for short videos of teh cute.) (ETA OMG turn off your volume for the Squeak one because OMG I SWEAR that is not my real voice.)



(Slippin Stripin sock the first, from this month's PSC, a seriously entertaining knit. Yes, that is laceweight, doubled.)

(Bobbin of hopefully 1/3 fingering weight singles, from the Birthday Batt that Blogless Lynn made me.)

(The rest of the first half of the Birthday Batt.)

Speaking of Blogless Lynn, see this article. That's my preferred LYS pictured, that's the woman who taught me to spin (Jill Holbrook, holding the lovely sweater), and that's Blogless Lynn in the back of the last photo. Woohoo!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My evil twin is better than your evil twin

Cuz she sent a snuggly blankie for me Squeak!


Snuggly soft garter stitch blanket on the bias, with a sweet little eyelet border. No pictures, because, um, I was too busy taking artsy macro photos (or trying) to get the border detail. /facepalm


The left one shows all the swirled colors in the yarn, but the right one gets the tone of the yarn better. Apparently, I suck at photographing blue things too.

She also sent a needle gauge (did I post that I lost mine or has she been rummaging in my brain again?) and some Silkie (color In The Navy, and now I have that song stuck in my head) and it's delicious.


Speaking of the squeaking, he's been squeaking for three months now.


I know it's all cliché to get nostalgic about how fast they grow, but damn. My last baby is so big. /sniff

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If anyone has seen my brain, I'd like it back, please.

Two more days until the DH is home from his trip and I can go somewhere and be ALONE. (He thinks he's going to be all huggy and kissy and lovey and "I missed you so", but really, I'm going to chuck the kids at him and run away screaming for an hour.)
Toward that end, I let the Bug stay home from daycare today. o.0 (Please see title.)


I'm the only one in the JoanCookieOtteralong who hasn't flashed her Madli. Or her nupps. Actually, mine are not real nupps - they're fakes.


That color, while lovely on my monitor, is nowhere near the deep dark teal/marine blue of this yarn. I have no hopes of catching up with Ms. 20 repeats in a day or Ms. Poor me I only did 15 in a day. I'd be worried, but a) it's not a race, and b) someone has to finish last...

Look! Sweet peas! Stock! Petunias! Gerania! Green leaves and (achoo) pollen pods! (Click to embiggen.)


In other news, I'm enjoying the heck out of the slippin' stripin' socks. The laceweight makes them nice and squishy and the stripes hold my interest. (Nora said something about easily-entertained mouth-breathers the other day - count me in that group.) I have no pictures as yet because I forgot to take a picture while I had my camera in there and now I'm too lazy. I've turned the heel on the first one (subbing a short row heel for the called-for gusset and heel flap) so I hope to have a finished one to show off soon.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Beginning the week, beginning the month

First, a flower for Joan. My geranium is blooming again.


Today starts the JoanCookieLace project. I wound the yarn, I found the needles, I am paralyzed and have not started yet. Sigh.
When DH is gone for any length of time (in this case, it's been three days), the fiber starts to take over the house.


What you see there at the bottom is the first time all my Options tips have been put away (except the pair in Linden and the pair in Mary Jane) since I got the set. Labeled, even. I told you I was paralyzed - I did that this morning whilst looking for my size 5 tips.

I also picked out my first sock-club yarn. I consider it a deep and bitter irony that the ONLY WIP I put in was the one I pulled out first. I am thinking the universe is telling me to finish up some damn projects already. Anyway, I'll be finishing the Slippin' Stripin' Socks from last year's Sock Madness (signups are right now, if you're playing). These are laceweight socks held double, with the colors of one strand of laceweight changed in and out to create stripes. They're cute, and they're going to be really really soft. (I just have to remember not to wear them if my heels are cracked. Dry climate, alas.)


One more cutesy picture - I saw friends on Friday that I hadn't seen for months. (Well, I'd seen Dr. B, as he's Bug's and Squeak's doctor, but his wife, Gramma B, I hadn't seen.) They bestowed wonderful gifts on the boys (including the little sweater on the table in the picture toward the top, cuz she's a knitter) and gave me this mug, which combines my two best (non-family) loves: knitting and moose.


It says "woolgathering". Hee.