Wednesday, April 22, 2009

again with the random.

Thanks for all the supportive comments last time around. We are a tad stressed around here, and neither of us is at our best when we are stressed out, so YAY! We fight a lot and that helps the stress. o.0
Anyway, admitting you have a problem is half the battle, right?


I have gotten a job. It is woefully inadequate, and I could work all month and still not earn enough to cover the mortgage. I start in two weeks and if I haven't found anything else by then I will go gratefully and work my ass off. The DH has gotten an interview (next week). Please keep your fingers crossed for him, because it would be a lovely job (that WOULD pay the mortgage) and he'd still be home most nights for dinner, as opposed to only being home on weekends, since most of his other prospects are several hours to several states away.



Bug: "Mama! My castle is broked!"
Me: "Fix it please and pick up your toys."
Bug: "I can't fix it, it's broked."
Me: "Well, I guess if it's broken and you can't fix it, we have to throw it and all your toys in the trash."
Bug: "Um, should I fix it, Mama?"


We have unwanted houseguests.


Can't see them? How 'bout now?


Bees. Many bees. That swarm is about two feet long, and from what we can tell, about six inches deep in the middle. Apparently it is "bee season", which means the exterminators are so busy they have told us to wait a couple days to see if they leave on their own, because they do that sometimes, and also the exterminators have no available appointments this week. In the meantime Bug stays inside and climbs the walls. (See castle story, above.) Sigh.

ETA: By the time I posted this, the exterminator was on his way and the bees are gone. If I get another swarm I'll see about calling a keeper, but it's too late for those in the picture...


Bug likes bread. 'Specially homemade bread. When he said he wanted "the big piece" (aka, the loaf) he wasn't kidding. Next time after lunch I will put the bread away FIRST.



I have not knitted much, due to depression and general malaise (and the fact that it's &@(#&*)@)%^&#( hot and I'm mad) and I will not post any more pictures of the SIP until I finish the bloody thing.


The combination of left-shift and the semicolon/colon key doesn't work. The left-shift works with every other key on the keyboard, and I can make a colon with the right-shift. My keyboard has outsmarted me somehow.