Wednesday, April 01, 2009

we interrupt your regular slackitude

With some yarn club pimpage.
(Note: This is not an April Fool's joke. Miss out at your own peril.)

My dear friend La (KnottyLa on Rav), and her buddy, the lovely Bobbie (KnittyKnitterton on Rav) are providing you with the amazing opportunity of owning some super-secret, special-snowflake, exclusive hand-dyed yarns, with the Mean Girls Sock Club!

Here's the scoop:

  • Sign-ups begin April 3, 2009 (Go here to do so.)

  • First shipment goes out in June

  • Shipments will go out every other month for 1 year

  • The cost: $150 for the entire year, payable either in 1 lump sum, or in three $50 installments. This includes shipping.

  • Membership will be limited to 50 people.

  • The colorways are to be club exclusives. Never to be sold by us. And it’s all super secret until you get your installment.

  • Feel free to guess to your black heart’s contents. There’s actually a theme within the theme.

  • Each skein will come with a little something COLLECTIBLE attached to the band, and an additional little something extra.

Go here to see examples of La's fine dyeworks, and here to see examples of KnittyKnitterton's. (Sorry, I can't call her Bobbie, or Joan Crawford will come back from the grave and beat me with a wire hanger. Or I will get sharkbit. Or something. I fear the Knitterton.)

50 slots, people. Reasonable prices, people! (Not jacked way the heck up like some super-secret sock clubs we've all heard of.) Seriously, if I had a job, I'd be on this like a chicken on a june bug.

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We now return you to your standard blogslacking.