Friday, September 29, 2006


I do know it's Friday. I also know that it's the end of September, and October is just around the corner. Where the hell has my year gone? How is it possible that nine months zipped by and I didn't notice? Oy.
On the other hand, this is my favoritest of all favorites time of year. (I'm that annoyingly chipper person who loves everyone and everything between now and New Year's Day.)
I knitted another half a cable on Tendrils last night, and YEEHAW, I'm ready to join the fourth ball. I think I have about nine repeats (a repeat being a whole back-and-forth of the cable), mebbe a little more. I'm ahead of "schedule" since knitting four rows would leave me ready to twist the cable, and in my little head, that's the fun part, so I don't stop until I've done the twist and the WS row after. It looks roughly the same as it did here, except a bit longer. Still loving the yarn, still wrestling with the beads, still hating the color. Still thinking I can get it and it's partner the Clapotis done by Christmas.
This weekend, the Barbecue That Ate My Life. It went from "a few people in the backyard grilling burgers" to "I gotta rent some tables and chairs". Do I need to make goodie bags for the other kids? Do I have enough beer? Is it weird to serve margaritas at a 1 yr old's birthday party?


Lynn said...

No, Sweetheart, it's IMPERATIVE that you serve margaritas at a one-yr.old's b'day party.


BTW, today my mail is generating its own, outgoing, failure notices. Good times!

Carrie k said...

It is weird to serve margaritas to the one year old. Everyone (of legal drinking age) else is probably more than up for it.

Oh no! Another Christmas person! My best friend is a holiday fanatic - she has wreaths for all occasions for her door. But then again, somebody has to do it. It's not gonna be me.