Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Pictures at last

I finally took the time to snap a few photos of the sock. I really love the way it's coming out. The colors are bright and vibrant, and the yarn is lovely and squooshy.


I have less than two repeats left, but they're taking forever. Tomorrow I hope to have the guest room finished for family that arrives Saturday, and that gives me Friday afternoon and Saturday morning to collect the items for my pal's package and post them. Honestly, it probably won't make it out until Monday, but that's pretty close.
Today some pink cashmere laceweight arrived from I aim to make a lace stole or shawl for my MIL for Christmas. I am not going to kill myself on it, and I'm not planning to knit any other presents, so if it doesn't get done for Christmas, I don't care. I am done with knitting deadlines!

Yesterday we were reminded that the Bug likes milkshakes.