Friday, August 17, 2007

Yo, I sewed a FO.

I felt a little sewing bug. It's all Blogless Lynn's fault - I think she's making a career out of getting people addicted to enabling the rest of Tucson in new crafts... (Hi Lynn!)
Anyway, she pointed me to this little tutorial.

And I made this little bag.




Happy sock bag the first.

I am in LOVE with this bag and I need to make a million more. (Fortunately, even though my sewing skills aren't perfect, they're very much better than my late-night photography skills.)

I would take more photos tomorrow with better lighting, maybe a tripod, but alas, I can't. I'm off to the beach!

ETA: If you are a reader of JenLa, their blog is mangled and is currently in the process of being reconstructed. They should be back to their drinking, swearing and fiber soon, I hope - I will miss it.