Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Might as well be a mile

I have three inches of baby sweater left on the back until I can start the shaping. I thought I was making good progress, only knitting on it last night at SnB and again tonight. Then I got out the tape measure, and, well, not so much.


Back of Devan in Lanett fingering weight, navy blue.

The fronts are done and are just waiting to be three-needle-binded to the back, assuming I ever slog through the rest of it.


Yeah, yesterday I was all chipper about the fact that it'll go quickly since it's tiny, but apparently I need the variegation of the main yarn to keep my interest. I was hoping to finish the back this week so I could take the sleeves camping this weekend, but it looks like I will be finishing the back on the trip sometime instead. My eyelet sleeve will wait until I can get this back done, or I might never pick it up again.

In other news, my boy is big enough to eat his very own apple without Mama having to slice it or peel it. He can even get it out of the fruit bowl on the counter all by himself. Sniff. He's getting so big. (Time to hide the knives.)