Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday sky and more

Here's for all you east coasters (and heck, Southern California residents who haven't seen the blue sky in a while).


We don't get much leaf-turning down here. There's a little on the mountains north of town, but in town, in the desert here, not so much. This is about it.


See the golden edges? Forgive the overexposed bits - I'm no Dave Daniels.

The other night I was playing with the settings on my camera. Here is my professional moon shot:


This entertained me way too much. Here's a C-130 on a night flight over my house.


The flight path was nice and smooth. I need a tripod.

And of course, there's the Bug. Enjoying his very first caramel apple. He licked most of the caramel off, then started eating from the bottom. Crunchy dead sepals first. Seeds and all. The kid loves apples.


And now, off to the lake with me.