Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sigh. Again.

I have finished the sleeve. I am not entirely sure it will fit the armscye. It lines up pretty well against the unblocked back and front of the cardigan, but I am still unsure. I plan to block all three pieces tonight and sew them together to try it on for fit before I knit the next two pieces. I'd rather rip one sleeve cap than two, you know.
Still no news on the job front for DH. He's been doing a little temporary work, which should keep us floating until we hear something from one of the million jobs he's applied for, but the stress is getting to me. I don't do uncertainty well, nor do I wait well. Zen I am not. We got so excited about the idea of moving to Colorado that the waiting has been even more of a downer than usual. I have wanted to live in CO for years but always felt trapped by my job, the house, etc. The idea that it could be a possibility was intoxicating, and now I think I'm hungover. Oh well. It will happen or not, but something will change soon. In addition to that, there are Big Things happening at my job today, and my group was not included on the announcement. We are all hoping that was just an oversight and that IT just missed something. GAH!
In an effort to distract you from the fact that I am boring and a serious downer, I present Mama's Little Flirt.