Thursday, October 18, 2007

Still milking the birthday

Here are the fibery gifts I received (in some cases, from myself HA) for my birthday...


(Click to embiggen - you can't truly see the lovely colors on that tiny little picture.) From left to right, Merlot Vine sock kit from Yarn4Socks, October Sock Club, Cabin Cove sock yarn in a colorway that's escaping me right now, and Cherry Tree Hill in Green Mountain Madness (I think). All purchased throughout the last months with my birthday in mind. I actually left the box from Cabin Cove on my dining room table until Saturday when I allowed myself to open it. I'm glad I did - I'd ordered it early enough that I'd forgotten the colorway and got a great surprise!


5 oz of superfine merino roving from Blue Moon in Rocktober, from the incomparable BigAlice. She actually sent this as a "just because she though I'd like it" giftie, but it was close enough to my birthday that I'm calling it a birthday surprise. I do love my bloggy friends!


A bump (4 oz? I can't remember now, I'm high from the wool fumes) of the softest, most beautiful alpaca/corriedale mix to ever enter my house. (Bonus: from a new spinning shop in town I had no idea existed!) From Blogless Lynn, enabler and conspirator extraordinaire. Mother of Queen A of the Bubbles (from last post) and a fine knitter, spinner, beader, potter, sew-person, and... I know I'm missing a few crafts in there. Y'all are seriously missing out because *I* get to see all the beautiful things she makes and you don't. Urge this woman to blog - you won't be sorry.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have to go roll around nekkid in my fiber have a little lie-down.