Monday, October 08, 2007

Whoa, Nelly!

Last week when I posted that I'd finished one front of my cardigan in a weekend, BigAlice said I was a speedy knitter. So, why did it take me a whole week of steady knitting to NOT finish one sleeve? I have never made a sweater using the traditional construction before, so I thought the sleeves went faster than the body. Now I know why people talk about sleeve island.
Anyway, in spite of some funky instructions on the sleeve cap, I hope to finish it tonight. (Tell me, if your gauge is stated to be 28 rows/4 inches, and there are 25 rows in the sleeve cap, how do they think it's going to come out to be 5.25 inches tall?) This weekend was beautiful, with crisp mornings and breezy cool days that I love about fall in the southwest. I was wishing I'd finished it already so I could wear it in the mornings and evenings. This week we're supposed to be back to the mid to high 90s during the day, though, so I still have some time. Sigh.
I would have some pictures for you, but the Bug's newest obsession is blocking me from using my computer. My desk is in the living room, and any time I sit down to read emails or blogs (or download photos), there's a little Bug on my leg saying, "Airplane? Airplane?" Sometime last week I got the brilliant idea to find videos of airplanes taking off and landing and let him watch them while we cooked dinner. It worked SO well that now he climbs up in my chair and asks for airplanes every ten minutes or so. I didn't get much computer time this weekend at all.
In lieu of knitting pictures, I have a Bug photo. Our friends C and J have a son Bug's age - we met at a class at the Birth Center here. At S's birthday, Bug discovered this cool tunnel they have, and we could hardly get him out of it. They decided Bug needed one for HIS birthday a few weeks ago. (It's wed and lello.) It flattens like a sunshade , but he cries when we try to put it away.


ETA: Thanks for all the good thoughts about DH's job situation. He had his phone interview on Friday and got a definite maybe. We're hoping he gets a call today or tomorrow for a face-to-face interview with the partners, who'll be in our town this week. It wasn't the answer we were both hoping for, but the job is still in play. More good wishes would be appreciated at this time!