Thursday, April 02, 2009

March didn't kill me

so April is taking its best shot.
The DH is away again, finishing up the last of that job that should have been finished weeks ago, but for the nardo in charge. Whilst there, he has been stricken with his FOURTH fever/flu/yuck in about 7 weeks. Fortunately for him, he's in a crappy hotel somewhere, rather than here with the sick, barely breathing, hacking wife and two children who also don't feel great but still have energy to burn.

A couple of days ago I posted about squares for Luke. I had half a skein of Cherry Tree Hill in some lovely denim shades (I think it was Moody Blues) that I'd used for Cathy's comfort blanket a while ago. That stuff is nice and soft and I love to work with it (and I knew, roughly, the gauge I got knitting it doubled on 8s) so I went to town.
And my swatches GREW in the hot water. WTF people? Every time I've knit squares for Cindy's blankie projects, they grow when I wash them. Why is that? It's not like my CTH socks grew several inches upon washing, so why should the squares? Scheisse. (If they dryer doesn't make them behave, I'll pull them out and reknit them, but DAMN. ETA: the dryer worked! YAY!) At least I used up just about all the yarn. (And why didn't anyone tell me mitered squares were addictive?)


April 1 was, of course, the next installment of the personal sock club, as well. I should really have known better than to open the package on that date, because a) DUH, and b) I hadn't finished my (dead easy) socks from March. You know, the ones that are basically stockinette? Yeah. Oh well, says I, I can just finished them up and whip out these new ones and get back on track for May. What did I pick, you ask?


Entre-fricking-lac. Even my freaking STASH is trying to kill me.

(BTW, if you didn't see yesterday's post, please go there and see the opportunity for the wonderful sock club! Sign ups start tomorrow!)