Sunday, August 26, 2007

More FOs

I loved that little bag I made for La so much I decided to make several for myself. Blogless Lynn and I got together yesterday with our stashes and grand plans. We called it the Afternoon of Unrealistic Expectations. I wanted a sock bag, a padded bag for my camera (still in the shop) and a bag for my iPod. Lynn wanted a padded camera bag and a larger sock bag.
We got to working. She was more ambitious than I and tried a jacquard fabric for her camera bag. It came out great after much fussing, except the padding ate some of the extra room and it wouldn't close. It became a sleeping bag (an oh-so-luxurious sleeping bag) for the little softie mouse she made the other day for her daughter. My iPod bag came out just the size I wanted, but I forgot to account for the extra fabric needed to close over the top of the iPod. Sigh.
Instead, I decided it would be a notions bag. After Lynn left, I got to cutting and made a sock bag with the same fabrics I'd used for the iPod notions bag, only reversed (the lining of one is the outside of the other, etc.)


I'm thrilled with them. I haven't put the drawstrings in because the cording I have is too fat, and I want something a little prettier. I'm trying to decide what style of cord I'll make out of cotton embroidery floss.

Blogless Lynn has talked in the past about having a coordinating strip on the outside of the bag, and that inspired me further. (As designed, the inside of the bag has a strip of the outer fabric at the top - see this post for a picture.) I made a few changes to the size of the fabric, and violĂ !


A coordinating sock bag and notions bag! I lurve them wholeheartedly. Ironically, the two socks-in-progress I have will coordinate nicely with the bags themselves, although that wasn't planned. (It just happened that I got the purple/green fabric stash box out, and those are the colors of the two socks I'm currently making.)

Would you like a set for your very own? Go here and donate to Norma's OFA scholarship drive, and maybe you'll win one, in your choice of colors (limited only by what's available in my obscene fabric stash).